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Find the stories we have told and the ones we are still creating.



This is Not a Drill 

Short Documentary Film 

IMG_20200823_074745 (1).jpg



Shot with a total cast and crew of 6 during the "rule of 6" lockdown in summer 2020, This is Not a Drill tells the story of a young female artist in a new city.

Shining a light on the fringes of the London art industry, we capture a day in the life of Julia Sullivan as she makes sustainable and challenging art despite the difficulties of moving to London. 



A young couple attends a house viewing for an affordable dream London home, but the house is haunted! Would you live with a vengeful spirit to live in your dream home?

Shot in April 2021 with a majority female-led team, First Time Buyers takes a satirical look at the London housing crisis and the damage it can cause to local communities. 


It will make you scream, it will make you laugh and on the way, you might think a little. 

Now submitting to festivals! Follow our progress on @firsttimebuyersshort


Short Horror Comedy Film 

First Time Buyers 




Grey Widow

One queen comedy of horrors 

Grey Widow Title - Website .jpg

Winner of the 2019 London Horror Festival Playwriting Competition

In this acclaimed monologue play, Lady Aria Grey tells the haunting tale of her husband’s life, her husband's death, and her husband's restless ghost.

She killed him, you see, but she didn’t do it properly…

Written and performed by Lady Aria Grey (AKA Callum Tilbury), Grey Widow takes the audience on an eerie, entertaining journey into the darkest corners of drag. So strap in, strap on, and prepare to summon some spirits – it’s going to be a bumpy night.

Coming soon to a London theatre near you 

In Development 

Find the stories we have told and the ones we are still creating.

Wet Cat

Scaredy Cat

Podcast/ Children's Audio Comedy 

Scaredy cat follows a house cat on their first ever steps out of the house and into a post apocalyptic wonderland.

Spotlight on a Rapper

The Musician 

(working title)

Short Film 


A traditional Malian guitarist finds themselves in London after fleeing a destitute home. Can the shared language of music help them understand their place in a new and unforgiving city. 

Invest or Donate 

Looking to become an investor? Join us while we are still young to create a long-standing relationship and watch your investment grow with Crunchy Leaf. We only take investments for creative productions that we are confident in. Please contact us to start a conversation or for more details.


Investing not for you? You can still support our projects by getting involved in other ways, big or small. Take a look at the productions we have coming up and contact us to see how you can get them off their feet. We will create a mutually beneficial partnership with everyone who contributes to our stories. 

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