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Crunchy Leaf is looking for stories with a focus on the climate emergency

We are looking for new work centered around the climate crisis. It has been unequivocally declared by the IPCC that climate change is human-caused, and the situation is declining rapidly. From wildfires across the USA and Europe to floods and droughts causing mass migrations across the world, climate change needs to become a daily conversation in our lives. How do we discuss it? How do we deal with the anxiety and the trauma that undoubtedly come with these conversations?  


What it's for: 

  • It is a way for us to get to know writers and to build new relationships, rather than a service guaranteed to provide detailed feedback on every submitted script. 

  • We are looking to produce work on the climate crisis and your script could be our next production.  

Is my script eligible?

At Crunch Leaf, we find the story and let it choose the best medium.  


  • We are only accepting new work with the climate crisis as its main theme.  

  • We will accept the following mediums, please specify your medium on your header page:  

    • Short film 

    • Full-length play with a running time of a maximum 1 hour, we suggest this would be approximately 50 pages or 25-30 pages for a monologue. 

    • Short story - Which would be produced as a short film or play. 

  • We can only accept scripts as a PDF or Word document with a maximum size of 10MB. 

  • We are unable to accept more than one submission from a writer at any one time. 

  • We do not read feature-length screenplays, novels, poetry collections or adaptations. 

  • Unfortunately, we cannot consider resubmissions or new drafts of plays we have read and responded to, unless we have specifically requested a new draft. 

  • If your script is in another language, please provide English translations.  


How do I submit? 


  • E-mail your submission to   

  • The script is checked against our submission criteria 

  • It is then sent to one of our trusted readers or we read it ourselves.  

  • We action one of two outcomes:  

  • We will let you know that we are not taking your script further.  

  • If your work fits with our production companies' creative visions and goals, we will respond to your submission to start a conversation or provide feedback.  

  • Unfortunately, because there are not many of us doing the reading, we cannot guarantee feedback for your work. 



When will I hear back? 

  • You will receive an automatic acknowledgment of receipt of your script by email. 

  • We endeavor to read all submissions within 3 months of receipt. Once we have read the script, we will reach out to let you know the outcome of your submission.  

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